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Wolverton Driveway Contractors

Driveway contractors Wolverton. Get a free quote today on installing a driveway or replacing your old driveway in Wolverton. Expert and affordable driveway solutions from the experts at JSM Driveways in Milton Keynes. Choose from our range of driveway options that include tarmac driveways, gravel driveways, block paving and concrete. We cater our driveways to ensure every client gets a driveway area tailored to their requirements. We aim for 100% satisfaction while offering affordable driveway options.


Block paving Wolverton

Block paving contractors in Wolverton. Get a block paved driveway installed by JSM Driveways. We can install standard paving, cobble paving, clay pavers and Tegula paving. Depending on your preferences we might recommend one style above the other. The paving itself can be laid in a variety of patterns that include herringbone paving, stretcher bond, basket weave and staggered. Staggered paving normal involves using 3 sizes of cobbles or Tegula paving to ensure a true old cobble style effect, however it can be laid using just using one size, preferably the largest size, to give a uniformed staggered pattern. Call us today to schedule a free no obligation quotation for installing a block paving driveway in Wolverton.

All block paving installations undertaken by JSM are done to industry approved standards. All work comes with our 5 year guarantee that protects against subsidence on your driveway area. We always ensure to install every block paving driveway with a new sub base and edges that are benched in concrete. Edging options range from a block on edge to concrete edging, block paving kerbs and tumbled kerbs for an old style look. Aco drainage might be required depending on your surface water and SUDS regulations.



Tarmac Driveway Wolverton

Tarmac contractor in Wolverton. Tarmac driveways offer a long lasting and durable solution for any driveway. Our options range in tarmac installations to asphalt, red tarmac and tar / chip options. Tarmac can offer an affordable option if you are looking to just resurface an existing concrete driveway. However it can depend on the existing concrete and if it is still 100% solid with no subsidence.

We can assess this only upon a thorough inspection. You can choose to edge your tarmac driveway with a border using block paving or a natural stone product like granite sets. Circles and other features can be added to the tarmac driveway to make it stand out. If you are looking for a quality tarmac contractor in Wolverton, call JSM Driveways today. We offer an unbeatable tarmac installation service which comes with a full 5 year guarantee on subsidence.



Gravel Driveways Wolverton

Gravel driveway contractors in Wolverton. Gravel driveway installations carried out professionally, efficiently and to industry standards. We provide a range of gravel options that vary in style, colour and size. Depending on the area we might recommend one size over another depending on vehicular requirements. If the gravel driveway is required to be a bit deeper than normal, we would recommend using gravel honeycombs to trap the gravel in place. On every one of our gravel jobs, we will replace the existing driveway and install a new sub base. A heavy duty membrane sheeting is installed over the driveway to inhibit weed growth.

The driveway gets machine compacted before any gravel is installed. Gravel driveways require boxing in to ensure the gravel does not spread out past the driveway. You can choose to install standard concrete edging, paving edging or use granite sets or similar to give it real appeal. All edging is set in concrete to ensure a solid restraint and no movement on the driveway area. You can choose to install a paved apron at the start of the driveway using block paving or granite sets. We can go through options with you when we assess your driveway.


Call the experts today at JSM Driveways in Milton Keynes for a free no obligation quotation. All work carried out to the highest standards. We are a registered company that carries out quality and affordable driveway installations in Wolverton, Milton Keynes. Call today to find out more. Our team looks forward to hearing from you.

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