Roofing Tips

Here at JSM, even though we do auxiliary work such as putting up brick walls, creating porch and conservatories, masonry walls and even build garages, we do not consider ourselves roofing contractors. We do employ a roofing contractor who does the roofing work for us such as completing a garage roof installation or similar.

We consider ourselves more bricklayers and walling specialists. This service often gets confused with roofers. Here we will show off the differences between them to better explain it.

What Does A Roofing Contractor Do?

  1. They install roofs and roofing structures
  2. They carry out very minor brickwork such as repairs to chimneys and air bricks on houses
  3. They handle repair work and remedial work on the roof itself
  4. They do re-pointing and ridge tiling which means they do work with concrete products
  5. They can complete any type of roofing work in general on residential houses, garages, sheds and other types of outbuildings
  6. They are certified and have insurance to work on roofs (Very important)
  7. Any new roofs installed by a roofing contractor is covered generally by their own guarantee system. Generally 10 Years minimum

What Does A Bricklayer Do?

  1. A Bricklayer as the name implies works at building any type of walling or structure
  2. They can build garages, sheds, masonry walls, outbuildings, porches and conservatories
  3. They can carry out minor repairs to any structure including chimneys and flues
  4. They can re-point any type of masonry or brickwork
  5. They can build garden walls, decorative walling and retaining walls

As you can see, even though they do overlap a little, it is always better to get the best team for the job. Here at JSM, we aim to provide a complete service but since we mostly do driveways, patio and walling, it would not make sense to have a roofing contractor as a team member.

In case we are building a new structure with you that needs a roof, we will show you the common choices available for a roof before we setup any meetings with our roofing contractor. As depending on the type of roof, you might require a specific specialist for that style of roof.

In case you are just looking for a roofer and do not need our help, here are some guidelines to follow.

5 Tips In Choosing A Roofer

  1. Always pay attention to the reviews, especially if they have negative reviews. Everyone gets a negative review eventually, so just evaluate what it was for
  2. See Public Liability and workers insurance before they proceed with any work
  3. Ask for references on previous work
  4. If you require a specific type of roof, ask to see a completed roof matching that style
  5. Get a fully itemised and clearly laid out estimate for comparison. Make sure everything is covered on it

For Irish customers, we recommend Roofing Contractors Dublin and for the UK, we recommend PM Plastics in Bristol. However, any roofer we employ directly ourselves is always vetted by us and the work they carry out is guaranteed directly from us in order to ensure that any repair work is held to the same standard as our paving work.



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